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Towards a Single and Innovative European Transport System

Start Date: 
February, 2016
End Date: 
November, 2016
Service contract for the European Commission – DG MOVE

The aim of this research is to recommend a set of implementable and effective actions which will substantially improve Europe’s transport system through the better adoption of innovation and new technology.

General objectives:

  • Provide an in-depth analysis of the technological, regulatory and legal barriers, gaps and weaknesses, but also the strengths and opportunities, which impede or support the development and deployment of innovative technological solutions enhancing the integration of the transport system, in each of the identified focus areas, for the selected EU Member States.
  • Build a solid evidence base for each of the focus areas, also by interacting with the sector stakeholders and identifying their opinions, needs and expectations.
  • Assess, define and elaborate roadmaps in the form of action plans in each focus area, with the aim of supporting the development and deployment of innovative solutions enhancing a single European transport system, with a view to support and enhance the Commission's transport research and innovation policy.


For the purpose of this project, JIIP, including its members TECNALIA and VTT, has entered into a consortium with Technology Partners Foundation (TPF) and Rupprecht Consult - Forschung und Beratung GmbH (RC).