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Synergies between Framework Programmes for Research and Innovation and the European Structural and investment Fund

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Start Date: 
June, 2016
End Date: 
January, 2017
European Commission, DG RTD

This study was based on the design and implementation of several research approaches and tools – a literature review; surveys targeted at ESIF Managing Authorities, H2020 National Contact Points and H2020 beneficiaries; and interviews with ESIF Managing Authorities; H2020 National Contact Points; Horizon 2020 beneficiaries; and the European Commission officials.

These approaches and tools:

  • Provide evidence on the progress of synergies in view of the Horizon 2020 interim evaluation;
  • Raise the visibility of the synergy policy area by identifying concrete examples of synergies at the level of strategies, programmes as well as funded projects;
  • Identify the main fostering and hampering factors;
  • Identify the progress of the shift in mind-set required to design, target and implement synergies successfully.