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Stakeholder Analysis for the Connecting Europe Facility Stakeholder Management Office

Start Date: 
October, 2014
End Date: 
February, 2015
Specific Contract as part of the ABC III Framework contract Lot 2 - DG DIGIT

This contract aims to achieve the following two objectives:

Objective 1: Identifying the key stakeholders of the CEF building blocks maintained by DIGIT which can be plugged into the information systems of the several policy domains of the EU; and

Objective 2: Define possible actions for each and every identified cluster of stakeholders.

This study identifies stakeholders by means of desk research, as well as direct contact with the EC, and national and domain contact points. In order to structure the database of stakeholders, the benefits, influence and willingness of the stakeholders are analysed, providing a method for categorisation and prioritisation. A mini-survey is conducted in order to measure the take-up, adoption, sustainability and potential roadblocks to the further implementation of the CEF building blocks by the different stakeholder groups. In-depth interviews with experts are also held in order to explore a wider angle of stakeholders involved in the implementation of CEF building blocks. Finally the findings and analysis are validated with the Steering Committee, and an action plan is defined.

The study was carried out by Kurt Salmon (Lead), together with JIIP and TNO.