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RTD-S - R&D Investments and Structural Changes in Sectors – Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis; Policy Recommendations

Start Date: 
September, 2010
End Date: 
December, 2013
Service contract for the European Commission – DG RTD

The study “R&D investments and structural changes in sectors - quantitative and qualitative analysis; policy recommendations” is the largest single project currently being carried out by the JIIP partners and can be regarded as the institute’s current flagship project. The fact that DG RTD has contracted this study to JIIP demonstrates, amongst other things, the strong profile that the JIIP partners have developed in the field of sectoral expertise.

The project is part of the European Commission’s efforts to develop an evidence-based ERA monitoring system which is based on indicators and which will support the formulation of research and innovation policy in Europe. As the title suggests, the study has two general aims: (i) carrying out a quantitative and qualitative analysis of Ramp;D investments and structural changes in sectors and (ii) delivering policy recommendations. The more specific objectives are:

  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses of knowledge production and use in different industrial sectors of the European economy
  • Identifying key factors (including effectiveness of policies) of sectoral structural change, leading to the definition of a set of indicators to benchmark performance across European countries and major global competitors
  • Analysing the effect of intra-EU investment in Ramp;D on the sectoral structure of the EU economy.

In terms of empirical data, the study will use the maximum of available statistical material and complement it with own surveys and interviews. While the analysis will focus on the sector level, part of its originality lies in the fact that it will also take into consideration the macro- and micro-levels, in order to provide a more elaborate picture of the dynamics, structures and performance. Work has started in August 2010 and envisaged project duration is 2.5 years.


Intrasoft (leading), TNO, Joanneum Research, Tecnalia, RAND, CERME