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RO-cKETs - Methodology, Work Plan and Roadmap for cross-cutting KETs Activities in Horizon 2020

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Start Date: 
January, 2013
End Date: 
March, 2014
Service contract for the European Commission – DG ENTR

JIIP, together with its members TNO, VTT and Tecnalia, participated in this new large scale project titled RO-cKETs, short for “Roadmapping of cross-cutting Key Enabling Technologies (KETs)”. The project was commissioned by DG Enterprise and Industry and carried out jointly by a consortium also including the following organisations: D’Appolonia (lead partner), CEA, CNR-DSCTM, IBEC Barcelona and Fraunhofer ISI. The purpose of the project is to develop a methodology, work plan and roadmap that will contribute to the preparation of the seven-year cross-cutting KETs work programme within Horizon 2020.

The study adopts a demand side perspective, analysing in particular the market and societal needs. These are then linked to a number of product/market combinations that help to address these needs. Stakeholder involvement forms a crucial part of this work in order to validate the results.

Based on that, the project, amongst others, produces the following key deliverables:

  • A detailed seven-year work plan and roadmap for crosscutting KETs product demonstration projects in Horizon 2020;
  • A shared methodology and a detailed proposal for a crosscutting KETs programme under Horizon 2020 validated by stakeholders and policy makers;
  • A roadmap for successful implementation and a longer term agenda for actions by public  authorities and stakeholders (2014-2020);
  • Detailed conclusions and policy recommendations supported by stakeholders;
  • An outline of the impact and benefits for the EU resulting from these activities, as well as the role of leading companies, SMEs, Universities and other stakeholders.

Work started in January 2014.


RO-cKETs is carried out jointly by a consortium including also the following organisations: D’Appolonia (lead partner), CEA, CNR-DSCTM, IBEC Barcelona and Fraunhofer ISI.