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Mission-oriented Research and Innovation: Assessing the impact of a mission-oriented R&I approach [as part of DG ENTR framework contract on evaluations and impact assessments No ENTR/172/PP/2012/FC – LOT2]

Start Date: 
August, 2017
End Date: 
March, 2018
European Commission, DG RTD

The overall aim of this study is to assess what would be the impact of different and alternative mission-oriented research and innovation (R&I) approaches. This analysis is conducted in the context of the preparation of the future research and innovation Framework Programme of the European Union (FP9). It will collect evidence that will help determine the effects of a change in research and innovation policy, and whether a mission-oriented approach will keep its promises in terms of creation of economic and social values (see above), while being efficient and coherent. To that end, the study will:

  • Explore the concept of mission-oriented research and innovation and identify existing approaches;
  • Define a baseline scenario against which the impacts of different approaches of mission-oriented R&I will be assessed; and,
  • Collect data and, on this basis, conduct an impact assessment exercise in compliance with the methodology that will be elaborated beforehand for this purpose.

The objectives of the study are two-fold:

  • To analyse the concept of mission-oriented research and innovation, to take stock of existing approaches thereof, and to identify, based on case studies, the impacts that can be reasonably expected from these different approaches.

To conduct an impact assessment of a move of European research and innovation policy towards mission-oriented initiatives.

Approach / methodologies / types of services provided:  Desk research and literature review, Country analysis, Case studies, Impact assessment, Survey, Interviews, Desk research


The Joint Institute for Innovation Policy with all its members: Joanneum Research, Tecnalia, TNO, VTT

Danish Technological Institute (DTI)

Valdani Vicari & Associati (VVA)