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Evaluation and international comparative study of Seinäjoki city-region’s innovation environment

Start Date: 
July, 2010
End Date: 
December, 2010
Service contract for Seinäjoki, city-region (Finland)

During the last decade or so, the Seinäjoki region in Western Finland has strongly promoted its research and development infrastructures and developed its innovation environment. Currently it is one of the fastest growing regions in Finland. In order to get a more in depth view of the strengths, weaknesses and developmental options, in Spring 2011 the regional development agency Frami Ltd. commissioned a study to assess the current state of the region’s innovation environment. The study was carried out by a consortium led by VTT and consisting of TNO, Tecnalia and Nordregio as partners.

The study included an extensive qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the Seinäjoki city-region’s innovation environment and its comparison with four European regions: Skellefteå, Bilbao, Leuven and Eindhoven. The study was carried out by using an impact assessment model focusing on investments and inputs related to innovation, key activities and processes in the innovation environment, outputs of the activities as well as their broader impacts for instance at the level of the regional economy.