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Evaluation and Analysis of Good Practices in Promoting and Supporting Migrant Entrepreneurship

Start Date: 
December, 2015
End Date: 
June, 2016
Service contract for the European Commission – DG GROW

The overall objectives of the evaluation are to collect data and assess good practices of support to migrant entrepreneurship.   The evaluation will result in the elaboration of 20 best practices and a benchmark tool, which would serve as a reference to design and/or improve such schemes across the EU.  Finally, the study examines the added value of creating a European network of centres for migrant entrepreneurship and it provides recommendations for the effectiveness of such a potential network.  More specifically, the study seeks to: Validate and extend the research carried out by the Commission; Collect data on the assessment and on the outcomes of these practices;  Identify the conditions and the key success factors that ensure good practice and assess whether these conditions are transferable; Classify these measures/practices for the benchmarking tool;  Identify which measure should be tailored to the specific needs of migrants and which measure should remain mainstreamed;  Select a set of good practice examples, backed by data on the results;  Provide an assessment of good practices in both pre incubation and incubation periods, with graphic visual representation of benchmarking data from both periods; Analyse the possible role of the European Union in supporting migrant entrepreneurship; Present a final report with best practices, a benchmarking tool, lessons learnt and recommendations and propose an agenda for the EU conference.


For the purpose of this project, JIIP, including its member Joanneum Research, entered in a consortium with Valdani Vicari & Associati (VVA).


Link to the updated DG GROWTH page on migrant entrepreneurs and the Guidebook and Benchmarking tool.

YouTube video about the project: