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Development of Performance Monitoring Concepts and Tools for ICT in the EU funded RTD

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Start Date: 
January, 2012
End Date: 
July, 2012
Service contract for the European Commission – DG InfSo

Joanneum Research, together with TNO and DTI participates in the study “Development of Performance Monitoring Concepts and Tools for ICT in the EU funded RTD”, which was launched in spring 2011.

The study assesses the current evaluation and monitoring system in order to point out gaps in the current evidence base available and identify areas where direct performance measures or proxies are necessary, but these are missing or the information is underutilised. It will review the existing literature and data sources related to the intervention logic of FP7-ICT and CIP ICT-PSP, the underlying evaluation requirements, and the existing monitoring and evaluation practices of DG INFSO policies. Subsequently it will analyse and assess existing methodologies and academic literature relevant for the evaluation of public interventions with a special emphasis on the ICT sector.

The final result is a proposal for the remedial of identified shortcomings by highlighting possible proxies and indicators for the assessment and performance of programmes.