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Creation of Intellectual Property Rights Protection Index – Data Collection [as part of DG ENTR framework contract on evaluation

Start Date: 
February, 2017
End Date: 
September, 2017
European Commission, DG GROW

The objective of the study is to collect and numerically encode information on the initial level as well as subsequent changes to IP legislation along the criteria put forward in the Charles River Associates study for DG GROW titled “Creation of Intellectual Property Protection Indices: a Methodology” (hereinafter referred to as “CRA study”). The IP rights to be addressed in this study include: Invention patents, Industrial designs, Trademarks, Geographical indications (GIs), Copyrights, Trade secrets.

The geographical scope of the study extends to 60 countries. The time span considered is from 1970 to 2015.

The focus is on the collection of the data and their numerical codification. For each IP right, the data collection grid includes the following information:

  • Category the criteria belong to, i.e. substantive law (SL), procedural aspects (PA) or enforcement (EN)
  • Name of the criterion
  • Description
  • Subcategories (where needed)
  • Numerical codification method (e.g. 1 if the provision exists in the law or it was introduced, zero otherwise)

The following information are also reported:

  • numerical value (based on numerical codification method)
  • reference to the legal act introducing/amending or removing the relevant provision
  • the date of entry into force of the legal act

source of information (e.g. book, website etc.)