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Creation of a European and Latin American self-sustainable innovative cooperation Network (ELAN) of research and innovation (R&I) actors and industry partners to foster co-generated, technology-based business opportunities

Start Date: 
January, 2015
End Date: 
January, 2018
European Commission, DG DEVCO

The ELAN Network will support Research and Innovation (R&I) actors by identifying and consolidating the capacities needed to stimulate the creation of partnerships between EU and LA actors, to transfer technology and generate technology-based business opportunities. ELAN will also incorporate public entities responsible for the definition and implementation of innovation, science and technology policies, giving them access to best practices, knowledge and partners needed to consolidate their national, regional or sectoral innovation system. In short, the Action and thereby ELAN will help target organisations and beneficiaries overcome the existing barriers to lasting strategic partnerships between EU and LA innovation actors. ELAN will focus on fostering alliances in the area of generating technology-based business opportunities (including technology transfer) which should serve both European as well as LA interests. The proposed Action will be centred on specific areas that offer a particular potential for the use of European applied research, in particular: Renewable energies, Biotechnology and the Bio economy, Environmental technologies , Health,  Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), Nanotechnologies, New materials.

ELAN will work with a light structure and will be composed of R&I actors from Europe and LA and will be self-sustainable by the end of the Action. To accompany and support ELAN activities a support platform will be created and transferred to the stakeholders to continue its operations independently.