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CIP-ICT-PSP (Second Interim) Evaluation Support Study

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Start Date: 
January, 2011
End Date: 
December, 2011
Service contract for the European Commission – DG InfSo

In the CIP ICT-PSP Final (Second Interim) Evaluation Support Study, a team including JIIP partner Joanneum Research, together with IISA, DTI and WIK, supported the expert panel chaired by Graham Vickery, with Terttu Luukonen and Slavo Radosevic as members and Robbert Fisher as rapporteur, by providing the evidence base for the evaluation report that was presented to the Commission in July 2011.

The study included a survey amongst the CIP ICT PSP participants (40%+ response), six in depth case studies (thematic and per instrument), interviews, focus groups, descriptive analyses and an analysis of project review reports.