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Start Date: 
June, 2013
End Date: 
December, 2013
Service contract for the European Commission – DG CNECT

In the context of a framework contract on the “provision of support services Future Vision and Mission Statements” with DG CONNECT, a consortium led by JIIP has now been awarded a specific assignment related to the “Futurium” platform of the European Commission. The project aims at developing, structuring and curating the “evidence base” library of Futurium, which will then feed and serve as basis for the Digital Futures visions and policy ideas created on the platform. At the same time, the project will help to build a dynamic to engage more stakeholders to the platform. Project partners are the Austrian Institute for Technology (AIT), Ramboll Management Consultants and Louis Lengrand & Associés (LL&A).

The Futurium platform is a pilot to test a policy-making 3.0 participatory approach and bring together different stakeholders, including the Commission staff, to formulate quality visions, futures and policy ideas. This requires informed opinions, validated knowledge, up-to-date data and foresight materials in the different areas covered by the Futurium taxonomy (Environment, Economy, Personal life, Society, Politics, Science and Technology).

The overall objectives of the project will be achieved through the following tasks:

  1. Feeding the evidence library on the Futurium platform with recent foresight reports, future related documents, scientific articles/reviews etc related to Digital Futures;
  2. Extraction of relevant knowledge (fact finding) from the library entries using a logical structure in order to match this to relevant future and policy ideas on the Futurium platform;
  3. Analysis of already existing futures and policy ideas on the Futurium platform and addition of library entries and abstracts as reference in order to substantiate their evidence base;
  4. Curation tasks of overall Futurium library so that evidence is easily available to Futurium members and beyond.

The project began in June 2013 and will run for six months until the end of the year.


Project partners are the Austrian Institute for Technology (AIT), Ramboll Management Consultants and Louis Lengrand & Associés (LL&A).