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Future of Mobility: bridging supply of and demand for smart urban mobility

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We're organizing a break-out session "Future of Mobility: bridging supply of and demand for smart urban mobility" during CapitalFest on 27 September 2017 in Amsterdam. We can offer reduced-price tickets that give access to the whole event. Limited seats so invite only!

Contact or for more information. 

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 (All day)

Cities face many mobility and transport challenges and are looking for clean and smart solutions. However, the market is held back by fragmentation and uncertainties over both demand and supply. We need partnerships between public authorities, transport operators, small and large companies and investors. In this break out session private investors, corporates, startups and (local) governments discuss how we can bridge this gap between supply and demand for smart mobility solutions, with a particular focus on the business case and finance. 

The session will be attended (among others) by corporates like BMW, by the European Investment Bank and other financial institutions. Capacity is limited, therefore we will carefully select participants to ensure that all the above mentioned actors are represented. This means that registration does not automatically guarantee a seat, so please wait with travel arrangements until you've received our confirmation.

This session is initiated as part of new European Commission service that offers technical and financial advisory support to sustainable urban mobility projects.  Read more about this new EC service here.