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Intertraffic 2018, RAI Amsterdam

On 20 March, the EIP-SCC action cluster Sustainable Urban Mobility (SUM) successfully raised awareness of the unique nature of this European market place, by hosting two sessions at Intertraffic in Amsterdam. One session addressed the role of the marketplace in strategic partnering for smart urban mobility in Europe. This was presented from two different perspective: car manufacturer Nissan and the region of North-Brabant. The other session discussed how startups can benefit from partnerships with cities, local governments and corporates for prototyping and testing new products and services in the daily practice of urban life.

Moderated by EC DG MOVE policy officer Henriette van Eijl, a panel comprising Lutz Heuser (SUM manager), Nuno Ribeiro (Ubiwhere), Jason Warwick ([ui!]uk and HelloEV), Casimir Ortlieb (e.Go:Digital), Marek Stawinski (NaviParking) and Niki Sie (Juuve) discussed how the Action Cluster Sustainable Urban Mobility can provide opportunities to start-ups to identify lead customers (like city procurers) and how start-ups could work in demonstration-type actions.

All speakers emphasised it is really important to build a relationship and focus on the city’s needs (not the technology you want to sell). In return, city authorities should be (more) open to engage with SMEs and – importantly – open up their data so that these SMEs can develop new services

Key interconnected words coming out of the session were the role of procurement (the city as the buyer of new solutions) as well as the need to scale to develop a sustainable business model. The EIP SCC and the action cluster Sustainable Urban Mobility are seen as important matchmaking opportunity to find partners.